Quick buying guide of memory foam mattresses

The best thick memory foams are high energy absorbing versatile foam with the capability to dissipate energy immediately while keeping form stability. Visco-elastic foam was a polyurethane open cell treatment making use of oil-based resources. The treatment developed a combustible product with a delicate fragrance, which similarly introduced fumes into the area that were hazardous to most of the sleepers.

Raw Products Used

Some manufacturers are still using petroleum-based treatments; others are cutting low-priced foam and using sand or numerous other fillers for bogus density and density specs. A lot more providers are devoted to top-notch items and treatments.

The movement to use castor seed, rubber plant by-products, and latex, and numerous other natural resources has caused a green mattress with no hazardous smell, no dangerous fumes and an irritant-free product. Because memory foam is made with an open cell design, dirt, termites and bed bugs might not penetrate it.


The requirement for firmness in memory foam is a stat called IFD or imprint pressure deflection. When pressed, this assesses the recovery time. It differs from stiff to soft in measurement. It is based on the pressure needed to cause a one-inch impression at 25% compression.

Density is normally produced by the numbers and size of the layers utilized to establish the mattress itself. It is developed to produce a structure for the sleeper. The following layer is a combination of latex and natural memory foam with some spacing for air to stream through. This allows cooler resting. Each company has a different method for developing airflow. The leading layer is for support. Memory foam mattresses range from 8-12″ in density with luxurious variations being offered closer to 15″.


This stat relates to the additional pounds each cubic foot. Density in memory foam best mattress brand mattresses varies from one to 5 excess pounds typically with some businesses supplying 8 additional pounds. Experts recommend 3-5 excess weight density for a lot of mattresses with 4-5 extra pounds in luxurious designs.


Memory foam mattresses range in expense from some hundred dollars to some thousand. The rate difference might be as large as 50% of the very same functions and benefits. Choose the bed that matches you best and go with the company that utilizes the very best items, treatments and production methods.

Structure and Functions

The improvement of structure options such as a flexible structure or a split mattress with flexible structure might make the bed a much more versatile product.